Dennis de Caires 

Dennis de Caires was born in Georgetown Guyana in 1957 and moved to England when his family emigrated in 1970. He studied painting at Winchester School of Art, The Royal College of Art, London and Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. He has shown his work with a number of galleries (Raab – London, Pro Arte - Monaco and JGM - Paris) and has also exhibited regularly in the Caribbean, most notably Barbados, where the majority of his one-person exhibitions have been held.
He is best known for the intense high-key palette of his paintings and his interest lies in establishing the “materiality of colour” and a desire to create “plastic space” in two dimensions. His background places him within the context of a contemporary diasporic community that exists between, and is influenced by, both the Old and New Worlds.

I’m interested still in trying to make paintings that give pleasure, a lasting pleasure, and hope that I can achieve an apparent spontaneity without making evident the labour involved. If I were pressed to make a statement I would confess my desire to make paintings that are contemplative and encourage a slower reading of the world.  A more recent impetus, with a full time return to the Caribbean, has been a more acute awareness of, and engagement with nature: leaves, clouds, sea and birds and the moon.

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