Llanor Alleyne

Llanor Alleyne is a Barbados-born New York-raised mixed media artist. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from City College of New York in 1997 and has gained extensive experience over the past two decades in publishing, as both writer and editor. This literary background is evident in her studio practice where her complex collages encourage a sustained reading of the visual narrative.
Alleyne’s recent work explores figurative presentation of women, examining the empathetic rapport the female is often assumed to have with the natural world. Using originally created abstract paintings on various materials, Alleyne creates intricate and delicately cut shapes to celebrate the transformation and transfiguration of female selfhood. Her work is often informed by photographic and textual source material.

Llanor Alleyne’s collages and illustrations explore metaphorical and physical inversion, often employing tearing, cutting, and layering of abstract, figurative, and floral shapes to interrogate empathetic feminine connections to nature while alluding to emotional disruptions that teem just beyond a first or second glance. Influenced by her surroundings as well as imagined landscapes, Llanor creates abstract paintings and drawings on Mylar and paper that are the basis of her collages. The lines, colors, and curves of these impermanent abstract “first works” are the vernacular of her recent work—structuring figurative silhouettes and dictating their final emergence as whole, often lone female depictions, while sharing “first work” DNA across several portraits.

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