b. 1973        Barbados

1996-98     AA (Graphics) Barbados Community College (BCC)


2020     This Is How Our Garden Grows, The Brighton Storeroom, Barbados

2015     Mystery Box, Frame & Art Co, Barbados

2014   Carnivale, Punch Creative Arena, Barbados

2004     Canes and Palms, The Oral Care Centre, Barbados

2003     Scared Vessels, The Whispers Art Gallery, Barbados

2002     Eclectic Blue, The Oral Care Centre, Barbados


2020    THE BLUE, The Brighton Storeroom, Barbados

2019   Social Geometry: Expanded Drawing Practices By Barbadian Artist, Queen’s Park Gallery, Barbados 

2018   Artistic Interventions, Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Barbados    

2017    Typically Tropical, Jubilee Library, Brighton, UK

2013    Continuum, Punch Creative Arena, Barbados

2010    Benchmarks, Aweipo Galley, Barbados

2009   The Road To Many, Zemicon Gallery, Barbados    

2007   Art For Export, Zemicon Gallery, Barbados

2006    3 Generations, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA

2005    Big, Queen’s Park Gallery, Barbados

2003    10YA, BAC Gallery, Barbados


Central Bank of Barbados


2019   Punch-In 3, Punch Creative Area, Barbados

2017   My Time Residency, Fresh Milk, Barbados


2012     Best In Show Finalist, The Crop Over Visual Arts Festival, Barbados

2014     Best In  Show Finalist, The Crop Over Visual Arts Festival, Barbados

The Brighton Storeroom copyright 2021