Kraig Yearwood 

Kraig Yearwood is a Barbadian artist and designer. He studied Graphic Design at the Barbados Community College (BCC) and now makes drawings, painting, prints and sculptures as well as a range of design items collectively referred to as Stuff. Yearwood has had six solo shows and has participated in group exhibitions both locally and internationally. His says his approach to making is partially intuitive. He is also influenced by minimalist sensibilities, using structure and order, alongside symbolism and gesture to evoke a sense of precariousness, vulnerability and
meditative poetry in his works.

My artistic production is driven by my eclectic interests; themes include the exploration of self and personal relationships as well as social and cultural issues. 

I enjoy the feeling of solving design and spatial issues, on the fly, as well as the surprises as result of this process. I mainly work in acrylic, but my love of materials and found objects also lends itself to mixed media production.

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