Bethany Pile 

Bethany Pile was born in Barbados and lives and works on the island. Bethany graduated from The University of Toronto, Canada in 2016 where she completed her undergraduate studies in Visual Studies. Within just a few years of graduation Bethany has established a reputation for her realist painting style where she creates paintings that combine contemporary teaching with inspiration and imagery from her home in Barbados. The immediacy of the vivid colours are in contrast to the subtle and painstaking brushwork; a process that underpins her pictorial language and adds a compelling disquiet in an often disconcerting approach to subject matter. Her paintings often include a textural range that invites a sensuous and tactile reading.
Pile is also an accomplished printmaker and has made a number of etchings and woodcuts. She has worked on a number of mural commissions (with RC Designs & Decorations and her mural, with Rosalie Chiara, in honour of Barbados' 50th Independence is located at Hasting’s Rocks).

Bethany was awarded the 2010 NIFCA Prime Minister’s Scholarship.

I explore my surroundings in Barbados, combining new perspectives with familiar Caribbean imagery and aim to engage the viewer with my high level of detail and vivid colours. I try to translate the photograph into something tangible using realist painting techniques.

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